By using various experimental methods to spark meetings, drifting, inviting, I go on the hunt for possible places to take possession for a certain moment in time and to offer these spaces a new vision for contemplation, pointing out details and anecdotes. My approach sometimes has a conceptual-romantic appearance with an invitation to personally confront reality: the truth, the trivial, the insignificant, the uninteresting, the derisory. This requires the spectator to be attentive enough, to feel the time passing, to listen to the silence and to accept the waiting moment.

Poetically and not without humour, using photography, video, sound, installation, performance and especially text through the languages, I present written works followed by gestures. The results usually take the form of traces, passages through life or evidence of creation.

Élodie Merland

“While walking around a street corner, a word would hold our attention. A quiet intervention would disturb us discretly. We would encounter without knowing an artwork of Élodie Merland...” Read more